Moving Services

Let us help with all your moving needs - from the heavy lifting to unpacking and organizing.

Help Moving / Hauling

Need something hauled away or help in your home as part of a move? Our Taskers are here to help.

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Full Service Movers

Feel the joy of a move you barely have to move for. From packing to moving to unpacking, full service Taskers can help with every step of your move.

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One Item Movers

Need help moving just one piece of furniture? You don't have to do it alone. Single item moving Taskers can help shift one couch or an entire room!

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Furniture Movers

From couches and beds to dressers and wardrobes, Taskers can give you a hand. Get help from local furniture movers to lift and move any item.

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Packing and Moving Services

Leave the folding, boxing, and organizing to us. Prepare for a stress-free move with packing services from organized and efficient Taskers.

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Unpacking Services

Boxes still piled high in the corner? Get organized and settle in quickly after your move with unpacking services from local Taskers.

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Heavy Lifting

Need to move something bulky or heavy? Professional Taskers are up to the challenge.

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Furniture Removal

Hire some muscles to help you remove pieces of furniture from your home.

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Couch Removal

Out with the old and in with the new. Have a Tasker handle couch removal and disposal. We'll transport it safely to the curb, to charity, or the dump.

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Move Furniture Up/Downstairs

We can move pieces of furniture to any level of your home. Stash your couch in the basement and move the armchair to the sun-porch!

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Cross off that to-do

  • Select your Tasker

    Describe your task and choose a background checked and client-reviewed Tasker for the job

  • Schedule a time

    Get your task done — on your time

  • Pay when it’s done

    Pay seamlessly through the TaskRabbit platform only after your task is complete

Hear What People Are Saying

  • Morgan C.
    Morgan C.

    Kristen was enthusiastic, energetic, and excellent in the face of my moving madness. Much appreciated!

    – Morgan C.

  • Tina P.
    Tina P.

    Brett was great! Way above the call of duty -- he helped move some monster furniture that scared my original movers. Thanks, Brett!!

    – Tina P.

  • Helen R.
    Helen R.

    Joe's a miracle mover; I would trust him with the Mona Lisa, he's that competent. I gave him a very difficult task and he made it all seem easy. Very positive experience, and a friendly, flexible person to boot. I can't recommend him enough.

    – Helen R.

Frequently asked questions

Taskers can help with any moving job (even if you're on the top floor of an apartment building with no elevator). Taskers have the tools and equipment needed to move large items, pack your belongings, and protect fragile items as well as surfaces.

The cost of moving services will depend on the scale of the task. Some Taskers charge as little as $35/hour, but this will vary by Tasker as well as other details of the job like whether you need a vehicle, help with unpacking, and furniture removal services. Detail what you need specifically before the job so that you and your Tasker are on the same page.

Yes, absolutely! When you start browsing TaskRabbit, you can specify whether you need a Tasker today, within three days, within a week, or at a later date. This guarantees you’ll find the best Tasker at the right time.

Yes, through TaskRabbit, you can select Taskers with their own vehicles and trucks. This makes the entire moving process – from packing to unpacking – easy, efficient, and stress-free.

Yes. Taskers can help with both large and small moves. Through TaskRabbit you are able to hire one or multiple Taskers, based on the size of the move and how quickly would like your things packed and transported.