How to add value to your home with a fresh lick of paint

March 30, 2022

Chair painting

How to paint a room in 10 steps’, ‘15 tips for painting walls like a pro’, ‘what ​​you should know before painting a room’… Feeling stressed just by reading the titles of these self-help blog posts? Forget about DIY this time, leave the painting job to a local Tasker, and focus on which colour would go well with your decor and the atmosphere of your room.

Why should I paint the walls of my house?

First, because it’s the easiest way to revamp your home without spending all your savings. When you visit a place given a fresh lick of paint, the pristine look of the walls is usually the first thing you notice. Newly painted white walls (or cabinets) will instantly bring much more light than the off-white colour currently in your house or apartment, and make any room look rejuvenated and renovated.

A colourful accent wall that plays off the furniture and objects already in the room is also an easy way to bring style and energy to a bedroom, living room, or even a staircase. Graphic painting is not easy to master but it can be a great addition to a modern design or to create a clash with vintage furniture. But for that you might need the help of an expert

Woman painting

Why should I ask a painter to work on my home?

Painting is all about details. It’s keeping your mouldings and interrupters clean, it’s not having dry drops of paints on the walls, it’s having a unified colour all throughout the wall. It’s also not neglecting the preparation of the room, like covering every inch of your floors and home decor with a white sheet, taping everything you don’t want to paint). Making a room ready to be painted is always more tedious than expected.

Upcycle your furniture with paint

Don’t just stick to new paint for your walls. Furniture, like everything else, grows old. The varnish goes off, the colours fade away with the sun and the use of cleaning products, and all you can think about is the day you kick the worn out, outdated cabinet to the curb so that you can find a brand new one. 

Before you rush out and clear your nearest furniture store though, that old piece of furniture is still in working order, and often all it takes to give a second life to your tables, chairs, and chests of drawers is a fresh coat of paint. It’s called upcycling. Renovating instead of throwing away, preserving pieces that are still very useful instead of buying new. 

To upcycle your furniture and get them to look as good as new, there are many painting hacks to be aware of. An adequate use of a primer, a knowledge of chalk or copper effect paint to give a vintage feel, a mastery of spray paint technique, masking tape and pencils. Maybe you have time to learn all of these skills or test and learn on a piece of furniture you wanted to throw out (but your other half forced you to keep)… but maybe you’d rather get a painter with experience in upcycling.

New furniture: Paint It Black (or pink)……and personalise them to fit your style. Because painting furniture isn’t only for damaged and worn out items. Create something special and very you by choosing IKEA furniture in their natural wood tint and personalise it with bold colours of your choice. If you have a design in mind, just send it to your Tasker in the chat so that they can make your vision a reality.

Let’s get painting